The Everett Community Health Partnership – Substance Abuse Coalition (ECHP-SAC) is a community based prevention coalition committed to bringing together and mobilizing the diverse community of Everett to address issues associated with substance abuse while promoting positive health and well being. Through a range of prevention efforts, the coalition uses multiple strategies in multiple settings to change the social norms on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

Collaborative partnerships with municipal departments, local businesses, school andyouth programs, healthcare providers, human service agencies, non-profit groups and others, unite the Coalition’s work to inform, educate, and organize the community to prevent underage substance use and promote healthy behaviors for all residents.

The Everett Community Health Partnership – Substance Abuse Coalition has been active in the community since 2003. ECHP-SAC is a program of the Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP), a collaborative initiative of the Cambridge Health Alliance and City of Everett.

ECHP and ECHP-SAC initiatives include:

  • TEASA – Teens in Everett Against Substance Abuse, a youth program for high school students dedicated to raising awareness of substance abuse issues through prevention, education and civic engagement.
  • PACE – Parents’ Action Committee of Everett is a group of parents of middle school children who have taken a stand to help prevent underage drinking. Our mission is to provide Everett parents with tools and resources to empower them to candidly discuss the risks of alcohol with their children. The Power of 6 Campaign developed by PACE, is currently available to parents in partnership with the Everett Public Schools: http://www.everettparents.org
  • Everett Youth Networkers is a collaboration of youth advocates and service providers dedicated to creating opportunities for youth and assisting them in making positive life choices by promoting structured activities, civic engagement, employment resources and healthy recreational opportunities.
  • Training for Mental Health First Aid