Messages for Families

As a parent or a guardian, are you wondering what you can do to reduce your child’s risks for drug abuse?

1)  Get informed – Educate yourself about opioid, medication safety, risk factors and signs of overdose, and how to respond to an overdose.

2) Talk to your child – Communicate the risks of substance abuse including prescription medication. Teens who learn about risks of drugs are up to 50 percent less likely to engage in the behavior.

Check out the Parent Power campaign for ideas for what you can say to your kids, action tips for safeguarding medication in your home, warning signs, and helpful resources.

3) Monitor / Secure / Dispose medicine – Track refills and make sure all medication are monitored. Store medications in a secure place and encourage others to do the same. Dispose of any unused medications. (Medication Disposal)

4) Get help – Use local and national resources to find ways to help your child. Call and talk to a specialist today. (Contact us or check out the local and national resources on our website, including